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Steven Hammrick

2021 Mayoral candidate

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My name is Steven Hammrick and I have been a life long Frederick resident

The personal aspirations I have to run for the Mayor of the City of Frederick are based on the ideas of preserving the hard work and integrity the local community has strived so hard to achieve over the last several decades.

My professional career is extremely dynamic from Cisco Network Engineering, Small Business Consultation to my current career which I have held for 15 years being an Elevator Mechanic. It lionizes the fact I understand the complexities of being a Blue Collar/White Collar worker traveling 270 everyday while also being a solution to the trial and tribulations of small business owners.

The experience and success that I have gained through my life is indicative of my abilities to understand and differentiate between a multitude of skill sets while maximizing logistical efficiencies.

Our Agenda

  • No COVID-19 Vaccination mandates
  • No COVID-19 Vaccination passport \ Proof of vaccination status
  • Criminal justice reform based on illegal prosecutions and abuse of power
  • Back the Blue
  • LGBTQ+ Support
  • Individuals Right to choose
  • Homeless Epidemic
  • Immigration Reform
  • Budget Corrections
  • Pro 2A
  • Protect Agriculture
  • Infrastructure VS Development
  • COVID-19 Mandate Mistakes
  • Restarting local Economy
  • Vaccine Distribution
  • Social Services Abuse

The key items listed above are the core of my corrective agenda. I am more than happy to elaborate on any of the issues and if anyone in the community would like to provide any additional input I would welcome it. Please feel free to contact my office via phone or preferably email.


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